At AROA Craft Yogurt Café you will experience authentic local craft yogurt with vegetables, spices and fruits in innovative dishes. Enjoy wholesome silky craft yogurt with fleur de sel, crushed pepper and Za’atar spices drizzled with extra virgin olive oil;  labneh yogurt with caramelized onions and aged balsamic vinegar dip; chilled and creamy cucumber mojito yogurt soup, plus so much more!

Come and watch us craft our yogurt … taste something new … while enjoying the aroma of freshly baked pistachio-cherry granola…

Eat yogurt. Be healthy. Enjoy life.



AROA Craft Yogurt & Café is born from a mother’s interest in culinary innovations while providing healthy meals to her kids.  Growing-up in that environment, Maria (Mafe) Vargas eventually took her mother Dalia’s yogurt recipes to create Yogurt Dalia, Venezuela’s premier local craft yogurt brand. Now a new mother herself, Mafe along with her husband Ricardo and their siblings Ignacio and Matea, created AROA Craft Yogurt & Café to bring innovative craft yogurt healthy dishes to South Florida.

The name AROA honors our Venezuelan heritage and our belief to eat according to the logic of nature. AROA is a lush region in Venezuela with an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables and it’s also a premier milk producing area. A little known fact is that Simón Bolívar, Venezuela’s independence hero, owned the mines of AROA until his death.

roasted tomato strained yogurt salad

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Now featuring grass fed milk