We are Hiring!

We are looking for motivated team members that believe in eating healthy and enjoying life. We would love to talk to you about employment opportunities especially if you enjoy yogurt, fruits, and vegetables!

At AROA Craft Yogurt Cafe, we believe in collaboration, creativity, learning, honesty and authenticity.

Please fill out the page below if you are interested in working with us!  Include the position(s) you are interested in and your availability.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Customer Service: Welcome and engage customers during their AROA Craft Yogurt Caf√© experience
  • Alchemist (Prep cook): Build the foundation for unique customer experiences
  • Composer (Dish assembly): Assemble customer experiences that wow the customer
  • Sprinter (Food runner): Deliver customer experiences. This is a launchpad for other roles.
  • Craft Apprentice (Yogurt operator): Builds the foundation of the customer experience. This person will be a future yogurt master!